Academic Rules


In order to be eligible to appear at a University Examination, every student has to attend a minimum number of two-thirds of the total number of lectures delivered at the College in all subjects as also in tutorials/preceptorials/practicals, as the case may be, taken separately in each semester. Attendance for tutorials, preceptorials will be given only when a student submits written assignments.

Monthly attendance of the students is put up on the website of the college. Parents are advised to visit the college website regularly. Parents/Guardians of the students who are falling short of required attendance are advised to contact the concerned subject teachers while the students should attend the classes regularly.

The University Ordinance VII, Clause 2-A Part (ii) states that the Principal of a College shall have power to strike off the name of a student who is irregular in attendance, inspite of warning or when the absence of the student is for such a long period that he/she cannot put in the requisite percentage of attendance. This rule is strictly followed.

When a student is required to represent the College in competitive games, athletics, cultural activities, debates etc., he/she must apply for permission to the Principal in writing in advance through the convenor / Sports teachers of the respective activity.

Leave Of Absence On Medical Grounds

Application for leave of absence due to sickness/hospitalization must be supported by Medical and Fitness Certificates. These should reach the Principal within a week of the student rejoining the College on the expiry of the leave, on a prescribed application form. Medical and Fitness Certificates if not submitted in time, shall not be entertained. Students must apply for leave in writing. Medical leave application must be supported by a certificate from a recognized medical practitioner. All leave applications must clearly mention the class, roll number, name and subjects taken as well as names of the teachers taking those subjects/papers and should be submitted in the College office within 7 days of joining the College on the advice of the doctor.

The Principal may consider, on the basis of the Medical Certificates produced, exceptional cases of students who had fallen seriously ill or met with an accident during the year disabling them from attending classes for a certain period, with a view to determining whether the lectures etc. delivered during the said period, or a part thereof, could be excluded for purposes of calculation of attendance of the year and decide each case on its own merits. The benefit of exclusion shall in no case exceed 1/3 of the total number of lectures delivered.