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  • Title : Phylogenetics: Principles and Practice-workshop for life sciences faculty

    Description : Workshop on ?Phylogenetics: Principles and Practice? for Life Sciences Faculty Under the DBT Star College Scheme (SGTB Khalsa College) The DBT Science Centre of SGTB Khalsa College, in collaboration with the Institute of Lifelong Learning and the Department of Botany (University of Delhi), organized a workshop on ?Phylogenetics: Principles and Practice? for Life Sciences Faculty of various undergraduate colleges of the University on 27th ? 28th August 2011 at the ILLL, Academic Research Centre, North Campus. The conveners of the workshop were Professor MM Chaturvedi (ILLL), Professor R Geeta (Department of Botany) and Dr Komal Kamra (Associate Professor, SGTB Khalsa College), Member Secretary and Coordinator of the DBT Star College Scheme Advisory Committee. Professor Dinesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi, released the workshop manual and conveyed his appreciation of such seminal activities and future expectations during the inaugural session. Professor SC Bhatla, Dean Sciences and Head, Department of Botany, and Professor AK Singh, Head, Department of Zoology graced the occasion. The seven technical sessions covered the basis of phylogenetic principles and three computational programmes of tree construction. Each of the 25 participants had access to his/ her own computer and went along each programme. They were guided by students and technical staff from the organizing institutes. All the participants appreciated the conduct of the workshop, the clarity of the presentations and the self explanatory manual. In the final round, everyone felt that there should be a follow up around 2-3 weeks later, that the same workshop be conducted by the participants in their respective colleges for their faculty and for the UG students. The conveners of the workshop shall be available for any queries and the participants were asked to give feedback from the activities related to the workshop in their respective colleges.

    Posted By : Komal Kamra

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