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  • Title : Educational Excusion to Sultanpur National Park

    Description : A group of 58 students and 7 teachers visited Sultanpur National park on 5th February 2012 to survey the migratory birds under the DBT Star College scheme. The park is situated in Gurgaon district of Haryana, about 50 Km from Delhi and 15 Km from Gurgaon on Furrukh Nagar Road. Earlier it was a seasonally marshy land contained in the salt pane. For over hundreds of years this lake has been attracting birds. In 1969, a conference of the International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in New Delhi highlighted the potential of this Jheel. Peter Jackson and Ms Indira Gandhi were instrumental to accord sanctuary status to this lake on April 2, 1971 under section 8 of the Punjab Wild Life Preservation act of 1959. On July 5, 1991 the bird sanctuary was notified as National Park under Section 35 of Wild Life Protection Act. Presently the area has been increased to 1.42 Sq Km. This park is famous for migratory birds. The birds start arriving in the months of September and November, and stay till March and April of the next year. Their homeland in Europe, Siberia and Central Asia; these are covered with ice and snow at this time. During summer and monsoon the park is inhabited by many local birds. Nearly 250 species of birds are recorded from the sanctuary of which 150 are resident birds. Many of them such as painted storks, egrets and grand sarus cranes breed during July and August. To observe them and capture them the students were equipped with their binoculars and cameras. Even though the day was chilled and breezy, the students were fully charged and in high spirits to observe the birds and other animals in their native home. As we were visitors in the home of wild animals, it was important not to disturb them. Nearly two hours were spent in completing the 3 Km trail and admiring the birds in their different natural poses. The birds were best observed at dusk in twilight. As the day passed by, the number of birds was increasing in the park, but unfortunately we had to say bye to them and return homewards. Dr Laxmi Narula Activity Incharge

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