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  • Title : ICT Tools for Science Educators and Students : A workshop series

    Description : Launched by Prof A.K.Bakhshi, on 30th January, 2012, the first workshop began on 22nd February 2012 in which 24 science students and teachers actively participated. Dr Jaswinder Singh, Principal, SGTB Khalsa College graced the occasion to formally inaugurate the event and motivate all. With this workshop, the first batch was held in the series of ICT workshops to be held throughout the year. This workshop focussed on the use of Chemistry software ?ChemSketch? a free software for educational purpose. Participants eagerly learnt how to draw various chemical structures and visualise the 3D chemical structures on the screen for better understanding of these molecules. Dr Vimal Rarh, Resource Person for the workshop, explained how to use the various features of the software which included generation of IUPAC nomenclature (including stereo notations), numbering, 3D optimisation, bond length, bond angle, use of templates, etc. Dr Komal Kamra explained how this software forms the basis for understanding other complex softwares for protein and other macromolecule visualisation being used in research. Dr Archana Milhotra, Dr Chayannika Singh and Dr Gaganjot Singh provided were involved as instructors to provide one to one help to the participants to enable slow as well as fast learners learn the skills effectively. Activity Incharge Vimal Rarh

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