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  • Title : Educational Excusion to Yamuna Biodiversity Park

    Description : An Educational excursion was organized by the Department of Botany, SGTB Khalsa College to Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Wazirabad village constructed on the flat alluvial plains of the Yamuna under DBT Star College Scheme on 20th Jan. 2012. The visit was organized for students of B.Sc (H) Botany, 2nd and 3rd year. The main aim was to make the students aware of the deteriorating condition of their environment, various conservation strategies and their putative role in future in its maintenance. It was an adventurous and exhilarating experience in which the budding botanists got a chance to get themselves acquainted to the flora and fauna of the region which is on the verge of extinction due to human interferences. Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar and DR. A.K.Singh helped students in a well-planned trail of the park throwing light on important zones of the park and the plants and animals inhabiting it. Yamuna Biodiversity Park acts as home to many native, cultivated, nearly extinct, endangered, exotic flora and fauna being conserved in their natural habitats along the banks of river Yamuna. Visiting its biologically rich wetlands, grassland communities, a wide variety of fruit yielding species and an abundance of medicinal herbs was an experience out of this world. Establishment of this paradise on river Yamuna would had really been a challenging task in itself, as the soil is highly alkaline and sandy, so the officials? interaction on that helped students to fetch information about how to stabilize, preserve and conserve the environment and its resources for co-sustenance of various communities at a time. This short trip thus enhanced the understanding of the students regarding biotic and abiotic interactions. Students had an unforgettable experience when they saw the migratory birds so closely in a specially maintained wetland area. The trip was extremely informational satisfying the internal urge of botany students and helped in channelizing the knowledge acquired by text into the practical streams. The little interaction cum discussion session afterwards conducted by the officials also enlightened the students with different ecological aspects and the threats our environment is facing now a days. So this little effort of botany department endeavors to make students vigilant about the conservation of the natural resources along with the sustainable development of the society. Surinder Activity In Charge

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