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Assignment II for physics(H) I semester
This is second Assignment for Physics(H) I sem students. You are required to submit it by Friday 9.35am. No late submissions will be accepted. No copying please. If any copying is observed in any copies, they will not be checked and will be marked zero
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Assignment IIA : To be submitted by Monday 11.25am
This assignment is a compensating assignment for those who missed assignment II for medical reasons.
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Correct version of Assignment IIA
Sorry there is a correction in assignment IIA. I missed the value of force exerted by the tractor. This is the correct version,
Posted By : Mamta | Date : 14-10-2012 View

Assignment I : to be submitted by Saturday January 19
If identical solutions are found in two or more assignments all will be marked zero.
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PHHT411 (2014)-- Solution to Assignment 1
Assignment 1 and its solution for BSc. (H) Physics IV sem students. Paper - PHHT411. (Mathematical Physics IV) Please check for typos and inform me.
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Assignment II for B.Sc.(H) III Year students for course PHHT515 (Mathematical Physics V)
This is second graded assignment for B.Sc.(H) III Year students.The assignment is to be submitted on Nov. 5, 2016 in the class. Students will be also required to defend their solutions in the class.
Posted By : Mamta | Date : 04-11-2016 View

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