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GE Women & Empowerment - Teaching Plan

Teaching Plan for the English Generic Elective Course - "Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment" for III Semester students, Group 1, July-November 2016 Taught by Madhvi Zutshi.

English (H) III Semester - Paper ENC 303 17 & 18C Poetry & Drama

Teaching Plan for III Semester English (H) for Paper ENC 303, British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 18th Centuries. July-November 2016

Modern European Drama

Teaching Plan of Modern European Drama--Paper IX(D)--for Semester V students Authors taught: Henrik Ibsen: Ghosts Strindberg: Miss Julie Background Prose: Essays from Steiner, Artaud, Brecht, Stanislavski, Raymond Williams and Genet.
Novy Kapadia

English--BA Prog V semester

Teaching Plan of English for BA Pro--V semester students.
Novy Kapadia and Akhilesh Kumar

BA Hons. English Semester V Paper No. & Name: XVI English Literature 3 (ii)

Teaching plan of BA Hons. English Semester V Paper No. & Name: XVI English Literature 3 (ii) taught by Indulekha P R Burman, Mehul Bhushan and Akhilesh Kumar.
Indulekha P R Burman, Mehul Bhushan and Akhilesh Kumar

B. Com Programme Semester I Paper No. & Name: LC-Advanced English 1

Teaching plan of B. Com Programme Semester I Paper No. & Name: LC-Advanced English 1 taught by Indulekha P R Burman.
Indulekha P R Burman

AECC---English Teaching Plans

Th teaching plans as formulated by Sujay Thakur, Kuljeet Singh, Mehul Bhushan, Shubham Pandey, Geetinder Kaur and Novy Kapadia for five sections of AECC, theorie sof communication, dialogues, letter writing, notices, reports etc.
Novy Kapadia

Teaching Plan--Indian Classical Literature--Semester 1--CBCS

Detailed Teaching Plan of teaching Classical Sanskrit and Tamil texts and Mahabharata in English translation and explaining their significance to First semester students.
Novy Kapadia, Kuljeet Singh, Mehul Bhushan and Akhilesh Kumar

Literary Theory (5th Semester) Lesson Plan

Literary Theory (optional) Lesson Plan for the Semester July to December 2016 - B. A. (Hons.) Vth Semester students
Saikat Ghosh

Lesson Plan for British Literature V (i) Vth Semester

Lesson Plan for Vth Semester students taught by NK, GTK and SG
Saikat Ghosh

Lesson Plan for ENC 02 European Classical Literature

Lesson Plan for European Classical Literature Paper for IInd Semester Hons. students
Saikat Ghosh

Tutorial Assignment Questions on Toni Morrisons Beloved

Attn: English Hons. IIIrd Sem students: Questions and Submission Guidelines should be read carefully. Students are required to work on any one question of their choice.
Saikat Ghosh


Our profile, activity, role in college and modes of teaching-learning are described in the Handbook.
Saikat Ghosh

English Syllabi

Syllabus 2018-19 for English (H) Generic Elective English AECC English AEEC/SEC English
Madhvi Zutshi

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